The other day i was performing troubleshooting on a firewall, and wanted to make a capture using fw monitor.

As i normally do, i performed the commands mentioned in sk30583 with the ”-e” flag, but the other day i got an error.

Then i remembered… going forward from R80.x they made some new commands.

I don´t really know when or why this only impacts some of the R80 systems, (and i have not spend time researching this topic) but my guess is that it is dependant on the patchlevel of the system.

Anyway – the new commands can also be found at checkpoint Sk30583.

Go to chapter 8 ”Capture Examples of “-F” flag”


(Remove the brackets from the command)

fw monitor -F ”{src IP}, {src port}, {dst IP}, {dst port}, {protocol number}”:

Example captureing ssl trafic on port 443.

fw monitor -F ”0, 0, 0, 443, 0”

Example capturing traffic from source ip

fw monitor -F ”, 0, 0, 0, 0”

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