New Jumbo Hotfix for R77.30 – Take 145 – but not avaliable though checkpoint cloud yet.

10 May Checkpoint released a new jumbo hotfix. Take 145 – but its still not possible to download it form checkpoint cloud.

This time I have created a SR with Checkpoint, so the problem would be fixed.
Checkpoint support told me, that “We recently discovered som issues with the CPUSE package for the latest Jumbo Take 145.”
Checkpoint are currently working on fixing the issue, but if you need the update please contact Checkpoint through a Service Request, or get your Partner to do it for you.
Checkpoint Support will provide you with a legacy install package, until the CPUSE package has been fixed.


Tribute to our soldiers – where ever you are from

The invictus games just recently finished.
We salute you all – every last one of you, for the sacrifice you made for your country, and for our freedom !

Four days of sport. Hundreds of inspiring stories. Thousands of cheering spectators. Thank you to Invictus Games Orlando 2016 for putting on such an incredible event.

Opslået af Invictus Games på 15. maj 2016


“It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul.”

Latest Jumbo hotfix Take 143 is not avaliable – yet

If you take a look at sk106162, you will notice that the latest Jumbo Hotfix should have been avaliable, since 21’th of April.
And it might be, if one contact Checkpoint Support, and request the hotfix.

For all others, who prefer grapping it from the Checkpoint Cloud, we have to wait a bit longer.
Although Checkpoint states that it is avaliable, you cant find it, when searching for it with the webui.






Checkpoint could of cause have changed the naming context, but i doubth it.
I find it more likely, that someone just forgot to “publish” the download… it has happend before.

New Jumbo hotfix R77.30 – Take 128

Jumbo hotfix for R77.30 Take 128 is avaliable, and has been for a while.

Take 143 should according to checkpoint be avaliable too, but so far i cant find it in the cloud.


The latest Jumbo package for R77.30 is at sk106162.





At current writing the latest version is Take_128, but you don’t have to contact Check Point Support to get the file.





Checkpoint follows a consistent nameing strategy, so if we know the name of a previous Jumbo package, we can figure out the name of the new one.

One of the earlier versions was  Check_Point_R77_20_JUMBO_HF_1_Bundle_T117.tgz

But we are looking for a JH for R77.30, so we will change the name a bit. We also know, that the latest Take, is 128.

So the current Jumbo Hotfix name is : Check_Point_R77_30_JUMBO_HF_1_Bundle_T128.tgz

Now go to the webui > Upgrades > Status and Actions > and choose “Add hotfixes from the cloud”









paste the name of the current Jumbo hotfix take in, and search. Click the link to add the file to your reposotory.







Now the Jumbo Hotfix is visible in your CPUSE webui, and you can download and install it.