First Time Wizard – run it again or skip it.

If you have been deploying Checkpoint Firewalls, at some point you most likely have wanted to skip the FTW.
(First Time Wizard)

When migrating gateways to new hardware, I often save the Gaia configuration, and import it just after installing the new appliance. This saves me the trouble of configurering everything from scratch.

(Take note, that this is not possible in all scenarios)

Gaia Save Configuration command.
mgmt1> save
clienv – Save CLI environment variables.
config – save current configuration
configuration – Save configuration to file
mgmt1> save configuration mysavedconfigurationfile

In most cases i skip the FTW, and import the saved Gaia config…

To skip the Gaia FTW in R80 and above, create the “accepted” files manual.

Login in Expert mode, and create these files.

  • [Expert@HostName:0]# touch /etc/.wizard_accepted
  • [Expert@HostName:0]# touch /etc/.wizard_started

For full description see sk71000

If you want to rerun the FTW, simply delete the files above.

  • rm -i /etc/.wizard_accepted
  • rm -i /etc/.wizard_started


Change clish to bash – and back.

If you want to use winscp to transfer files, to and from Checkpoint, you might have run into this error.



This happens because winscp needs bash (or simular) in order to log on.
You can however change this, with the following command.
Notice that you will jump directly to Expert mode (which is bash) when loggin on.

Go to Expert mode
CP1> expert
Enter expert password: ***********

Warning! All configuration should be done through clish
You are in expert mode now.

Expert@CP1> chsh -s /bin/bash admin

Exit the cli console, and try to log on again.
Remember, that your normal admin user, now will enter Expert mode the moment you log on.

login as: admin
This system is for authorized use only.
admin@’s password:
Last login: Sat Aug 22 21:53:00 2015 from

Now try to connect with winscp, using your admin (now expert mode) credentials.

winscp 2




Good question !

The command is almost the same, only the directory of shell is different.


[Expert@CP1:0]# chsh -s /etc/ admin
Changing shell for admin.
Shell changed.

(Try to login again)

login as: admin
This system is for authorized use only.
admin@’s password:
Last login: Sat Aug 22 21:53:23 2015 from

And now the shell is back to Gaia Clish.