Load configuration backup

One of the things i find particular anoying, is when a gaia config backup does not load correct.

On a R77.x system you can backup the configuraiton with “save configuration filename.txt” but after you have performed a clean install of your gateway to R80.x, the configuration stops at line 41, 75, or somthing else…

I HATE it…         The solution is actually simple…. RTFM. (I did today….)

when you log in to your clean installed system, you can manipulate how the clish handles errors.


gw2> set clienv (push tab)
config-lock – Set Default Config-lock flag.
debug – Set Debug Level.
echo-cmd – Set echo-cmd flag
on-failure – Set on-failure action
output – Set Output mode.
prompt – Set the command prompt.
rows – Set Screen Rows.
syntax-check – Set syntax-check mode.
gw2> set clienv on-failure continue


If you want, you can save this setting…  I chose not to, as i bet i will forget this is set, when i one day is performing some task, that i really want to stop if there is an error.

Backing up Gaia system level configuration:  sk102234


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